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Climate change is real. The fact of the matter is that our oceans are deeply  impacted by climate change. Unlike other forms of pollution that we can observe and experience directly, ocean pollution works differently. The ocean might look clear and clean from above but the corals and marine life could still experience significant damage inside. As the saying goes, "You need to see things to believe it", we are giving at least one diver the opportunity to do an open water diving course in any region of their choice and are presenting to them a grant to support their diving education. We recognise that diving is not an inexpensive activity and often requires a certain level of monetary funds and privilege to experience. Coral Warriors is a non profit organisation that aims to support at least one at least one woman who wants to create an impact in the climate change space for global benefits.  You can read about the project below in detail. We hope to join hands and collaborate with leading individuals across the globe to support our grant and save our beautiful colourful corals.

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To make diving more accessible to women who want to use it as a research tool or create a project of global impact to save corals and marine life at large. We want to make diving education more accessible and affordable to deserving candidates.


To raise awareness about coral damage and ocean pollution and to highlight its impact on life underwater. To support initiatives that aim to combat climate change underwater.

To encourage commendable initiatives that are sustainable towards oceans in general.

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With the increasing popularity of water sports these days, scuba diving has become essential on everyone's to-do list. But along with the adrenaline and mesmerizing experience that scuba diving brings, it also gives you a chance to be in the proximity of the unseen and unexplored underwater biodiversity. And this experience alone can inspire people to work to conserve the rich, beautiful but endangered marine ecosystems. 


The marine ecosystem is under serious threat because of severe climatic changes, careless actions of human beings, and natural hazards. Toxicated water bodies, rising temperature, over-acidification, bleaching of coral reefs are some of the issues the marine water ecosystem faces intensively. The intensity of these changes has made water bodies largely uninhabitable for marine biodiversity. These changes can be witnessed explicitly when scuba diving. 

The coral reefs are now more prone to bleaching and withering away than ever before; scuba diving helps you to witness these aspects of climate change firsthand. Most people enjoy the colorful and rich variety of marine animals like fish and dolphins. However, in recent times, these animals have faced the threat of extinction. Because of the severe effects of climate change, natural oceans are turning into algae carpets. Scuba diving can help someone understand that it is vital to preserving these natural habitats for future generations and our planet's more considerable benefit. 


Scuba diving as an activity is practiced in tourist spaces, and hence as tourists, it becomes the moral duty of these divers to protect the water bodies they dive in! Divers should engage with the local communities and contribute by abiding by the protocols. Sooner or later, we have to understand that to survive, we have to sync with the planet's natural ecosystems. While we might not see the effects, global warming is affecting almost all ecosystems and in a terrifyingly irreversible way. A scuba diving experience can fill people with a need to initiate and act upon safeguarding the natural ecosystem of water. Scuba diving as an experience helps connect with nature and evokes a sense of accountability in oneself. 

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